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My dilated pupils disperse-
Red lights spell out: Emergency
What version of me have they unearthed?
Forever fucking questioning me
“Sir, how much alcohol have you consumed?”
(Just lock me away in a padded room)
“How many pills did you take?”
(Not enough for fuck sake)
“So, how long have you been suicidal?”
(Oh, just every once in a while when I fake a smile)
“What provoked you to try and take your life tonight?”
(Once upon a time: I used to be...alright)
It's as if time has been removed-
And motion is nonexistent
Invisible voices echo and bloom-
I'm at home, in solitary confinement
I can sit alone in silence
Because I remain in fragments
This madness is therapeutic
Where my humanity is wounded
Medication is mandatory
Serenity is forced
In here, ativan is complimentary
And the side-effects can be harsh

Can't be reversed-
Morphed for sanity
Personalities are immersed-
Condemned and unworthy
:icondreamsdeprived:DreamsDeprived 16 0
I dreamt of shallow space...within time
And deep darkness...within light
A wordless prayer that seeps into the sky
And all that can be heard is a faint...cry
I dreamt of relentless winters on the Sun
And scorching summers on the Moon
A universe that is waiting for another dawn
Yet...I'm the only one that is waiting
Re-sacrifice my dependence
Clothe me with confidence
An indestructible vortex
Reinforce my flawed differences
Reverse the hopelessness
Amplify the celestial silence
Defy the faithless
Construct a harsh tolerance
Obliterate my ignorance
Create an immortal balance
Revitalize my endurance
Strength can't be painless
Make me courageous
These tears aren't evidence
Dear guilty conscience
You aren't the weakest
Redemption is shameless
Scars can be gracious
Healing forces changes
Un-crucify my innocence
I dreamt of a beautifu
:icondreamsdeprived:DreamsDeprived 23 4
The nothingness that once reigned
Ignited in colors
The shades of depression rearranged
Reality in rainbows
The war of voids grew faint
Desires finally conjured
The space between the estranged
Reversed humanity's rapture
When you took my hand
The liberty was yours
Once again- I stand
Intentions are pure
There's no secrets behind secrets
And no shadows of shadows
You're sincerity's advocate
Making promises that will forever echo
You rained through me
So the petals of my soul bloomed
I created an infinite dream
Where I'm always beside you
Your breath reincarnates memories
Afloat on the passions of yesterday
Tasting the mercy of serenity
As you immerse me with your gaze
The lightlessness that once existed
Sparked with purpose
The darkness was finally lifted
No longer remorseless
The waves of loneliness subsided
The light from your eyes
:icondreamsdeprived:DreamsDeprived 24 7
Body: The Resurrection
Body: The Resurrection
I practice an art-
Of self-healing
You left a trail of scars-
That I'm erasing
A journey that remains endless
As long as life is aligned with time
Another day presents more challenges
And I endure another hard-earned night of sighs
I believe in destiny
And the justified possibilities
I put faith in fate
So I have reasons to get through pains
I abide by hope
So I'll never again let go
I indulge in dreams
And the infinite realities
I've walked through fires / I've lost many desires
Each path weakens / Each tear strengthens
I've watched countless storms / I've survived every breakdown
My soul's shape reforms / New lessons are found
I speak with honesty
So secrets will never come to be
I walk beside empowerment
Because torment will never have my consent
I protect what's oppressed
Hatred will never touch what's sacred
I convince the unbroken
And awaken the sparks that are hidden with
:icondreamsdeprived:DreamsDeprived 10 5
The words phrased-
I become stone
The wounds made-
I abandon hope
I shatter inside-
None left behind
Your voice incites-
I'm left...petrified
I nurtured the very core
Of your presence
Until I couldn't anymore
You left me in a cold silence
I had nothing to cling on to
While I tried over and over to mourn
But there was no trace of you
So my regrets were torn and then reborn
Your footprints mock / My voice locks
Infesting my thoughts / My heart floods
An infinite loop of forgiveness and betrayal
I couldn't pick up the pieces of our memories
The knife in my back could only tremble
While I felt tremors attack my body
I trusted you with everything
I gave you every ounce of my passion
Now all I have to show for it is nothing
I can't even comprehend these repercussions
The tears cascade-
I drown within
The scars parade-
The memory singed
My mind divides-
Reasons remain unju
:icondreamsdeprived:DreamsDeprived 24 10
Ashes: Forever
Ashes: Forever
It's a different kind of panic
When last resorts are no longer a choice
 Invisible infernos become an epidemic 
Taking me far past the breaking point
It's beyond right or wrong
For someone to endure these moments
It's a cruel sensation to become undone
And to be left alone to face the on-coming carnage
Ashes burn / Hopes condemned
Ashes burn
/ Life's lament
Ashes fall / Reaping shame
Ashes fall / Forgiveness fades
Piece by piece- No cure for the cursed
Belief after belief- No relief for the impure

Tear by tear- No rain for the inflamed
Prayer after prayer- No shelter for the estranged

Ashes scatter / Memories freed
Ashes scatter / Serenity released
Ashes rest / Never mourn
Ashes rest / No return
It's neither an ending nor a beginning
When life and death trade names
It's just a cycle, never ending
The wheels of fate
:icondreamsdeprived:DreamsDeprived 23 6
Abandon: Sobriety
Abandon: Sobriety
Temptation destroys the very fabric of controlled rejection
And I yearn for a stupor salvation
This thirst is my disgraceful halation
And every shot sends me deeper into oblivion
My morals got caught up in warfare
Defining the worst side of my personality
These dark circles around my eyes lead nowhere
My irises are the source of frailty
Isolation is the only resort
The final stand against another taste
Just until my courage is immersed
And then another hit awaits
Bottom of a bottle / Bevel of a needle
A sacred betrayal / Spiraling into denial
My thoughts phase from numbness
Temporarily freed from reality
Resentment fuses with darkness
I begin to smile vacantly
Forcing a long-awaited blackout
This is what I've needed
When my eyelids crash down
The power of my pride is finally defeated
Dependency is fueled by weakness
Once broken- I become shapeless
I strip myself of all insecurities
So here's a toast
:icondreamsdeprived:DreamsDeprived 31 16
Heart: The Destruction
Heart:The Destruction
I'm left dreamless
Every single night...
I remain sleepless
With bloodshot eyes...
You race through my mind
Images that I can't stand
And time after time
You're depleting my strength
A plague of mixed emotions
My tears act like quicksand
I'm torn in every direction
By these encrypted feelings I don't understand
I wish my heart would stay hidden
And so far away from you
To confess would be forbidden
And everyday I would barely get through
I've fallen so low / Into the darkness below
By the sorrow of my soul / It's consuming me whole
There is no escape
From whats bottled up inside
My desire for you won't ever fade
And it's something that I'm failing to hide
I continue to yearn for you so much
Even if you're right here beside me
But I can't let our friendship be crossed
So this dilemma will never let me be free
I've become
:icondreamsdeprived:DreamsDeprived 29 10
Patient by DreamsDeprived Patient :icondreamsdeprived:DreamsDeprived 28 5
Hardships are a token
There's so many scars
I'm proud to be broken
I'm a living shard
I live off of regret
Breathing in certainty
My life feeds on suspense
It's almost considered a dependency
People break down sometimes
That's an understatement
Pretending to walk the line
While hope is in fragments
Can you imagine-
Enduring another lifetime
Even a fraction-
Of the pain I called mine?

I reach for the sky / Sweat falls in the fire
Worshiped halos remain shy / Shall I wait here forever?

People say we are all loved
That's nothing but a lie
Belief and trust become lost
That's the only truth I will testify
The gates will stay closed-
Backs will be turned
I will pray no more-
Only to try and justify the hurt
Some things are just not meant to be
No expectations- means no let downs
My own words are the only ones I'll believe
I was once lost, and I was once never found
And when death finally comes for me
My hollowed soul won't be raised
It will learn that statues nev
:icondreamsdeprived:DreamsDeprived 40 18
Beast by DreamsDeprived Beast :icondreamsdeprived:DreamsDeprived 295 13
In the window...
In the ocean...
I see sorrow
I see confusion
I'll wake up tomorrow
And...forget my confessions
I regret every given sin
Replaying it all in my mind
Tattoos repent on my skin
They're serving a lifetime
Scars reveal past pain
And it's all mine
I see my eyes! / I fear my lies!
I scream inside! / I hide behind!
Tears won't fade! / Lost my faith!
I'm not okay! / It's too late!
I see through the cracks
Into my fallen reality
I put up a poor act
My transparent sanity
My soul finally snapped
Unleashed the real me
In the mirror...
In the destruction...
I see terror
I see justification
I'll wake up as an avenger
...Of my former reflection
:icondreamsdeprived:DreamsDeprived 51 21
Staring through...
The broken roof
I peer...
Between my fears
Questioning my existence...
I ask myself
Is there acceptance..?
To be found
I'm tired...
But not broken
I tried...
To be outspoken
But your eyes would not stand for it
The glares and snares deemed it forbidden
Since then I shut myself out and away in the distance
Locked inside my mind / Afraid of all humankind
I fell under the pressure / Damaged by society's pleasure
I let go of all possessions / I threw away my humiliation

Dub me another lonely soul
For I am no longer meant this world
I ripped your burdens away from my shoulders
Old bones...
Skin of stone
I'm alone...
In my home

Behind my...
Completely exhausted eyes
I am...
Looking back again
Accepting that...
I wouldn't last
The cruelty...
Of this reality
:icondreamsdeprived:DreamsDeprived 27 12
Bestow me your fear
Give me something to fight for
Let the sleeping blood in my veins flare
So I can pick myself up and head towards the war

I run
For the sun
I seek
Justice in thee
I fight
For our rights
Cries become faint! / Lies become replaced!
The sinners pretend to be saints! / All of their promises were fake!
Choose the battles to wage! / Use that stored up rage!
Put on your war paint! / Take back your pride today!
Wipe the grief from your face! / Idle no more is the phrase!
Don't let your name be disgraced! / Our gathered faith will never fade!
Act now before it's too late! / The government doesn't have a slate!
Don't fall victim to their cruel fate! / Don't let any more lives become erased!

I bleed
From your greed
I protect
The ones oppressed
I pray
For better days
In this day and age
Some things still need to be changed
Please pass the torch so I can light the way
And await for our brothers and sisters spirit's to awake
:icondreamsdeprived:DreamsDeprived 21 13
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I'm a writer who combines literature with graphic design. You will see the majority of my deviations with cover art. To manipulate and also create, I use Photoshop CS5. I know my method of showcasing my artwork is a touchy one. A lot of people on DA just save something from google and attache it to their work without any permission or consideration of the owner. A lot of viewers assume that I do the same, but I don't, and I hate being put in the same category with those types of deviants. I am merely using everything in my arsenal to upload worthy material for users to read and admire.

I have been graphic designing since 2006, and I have been writing since December 2007. I self-published my own 40 page poetry book in the summer or 2009. It is titled "Living My Life, Behind Hollowed Eyes", and it was surprisingly successful. All copies got taken within two hours. I didn't sell them, I just announced that I had a book printed out, and whoever wants one can have it for free. In my eyes if the books didn't get taken, then it would have been a failure.

Present day- I am working on multiple book projects to do with poetry. My second project got started in 2010, which is titled "Broken Wings Unbound: I'm Falling Down / I'm Soaring Now" has undergone numerous changes to match my ever-evolving style of writing.
My third project which got started in late 2011 is titled- "The Other Side Of The Sky" and it's more concentrated on positive aspects of life, whereas my other projects are mainly dark.
My fourth project that got started in early 2012 is titled "The Prodigy's Suicide" it's a more raw type of poetry. Dealing with a touchy subject and the elements within it. I started the fourth one when I first started going into therapy, so therapy is what this project was birthed from.
My fifth project, which is mainly new, is because of ceasing therapy, it got started in October of 2012. It is titled "Skin of Stone" it is what I like to call my improv style of writing. Writing a piece within one writing session, beginning to end, in one shot.

With the closures of some of my books just looming around the corner, I have started two new book. 2013~

"Trials Of The Mind" deals with heartbreak and soulache. It also deals with thoughts of pure love and passion. This book is dedicated to a special someone who shall remain nameless.

"Divide The Divine" will be more out-of-my-style kind of writing. Lets just say this book will be something even I'm unfamiliar with and unsure about. More information to come on this matter.

:iconsurvivingnights: - "Broken Wings Unbound: I'm Falling Down / I'm Soaring Now"
- "Living My Life / Behind Hollowed Eyes" (The Darkness Never Dies remix edition)

:iconrecoloringlife: - "The Other Side Of The Sky"
Miniseries - "Old Friend"

:iconimmortalizedlies: - "The Prodigy's Suicide"
Miniseries - "Into The Realm Of Screams"
New book - "Trials Of The Mind"
New Book - "Divide The Divine"

:icondreamsdeprived: - "Skin Of Stone"

Natural Is Worth While

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 10, 2014, 1:46 PM

Lately, I have had countless inner conflictions. If it's not natural, then it's not supposed to happen. Forcing something to happen is not genuine. Something that is not genuine is not going to last as long as one would like. Natural choice will lead to a natural decision. Natural decision will lead to a natural change, and a natural change will lead to a natural emotion. I'm trying to just strive for a natural emotion. I need a genuine emotion now. I can't feel it if it isn't genuine. It's difficult for me to settle for anything less than genuine. Persuasion and seduction are tools of force in my eyes. I shouldn't have to persuade anyone for anything to happen.

Something natural is bound to last longer than something that was forced to happen.

I had this....person ask me a question, sternly. "Eric, are you ready to get respect?"

Me: Do you want an honest answer?
??: Yes, of course.
Me: I don't seek respect. Not anymore.
??: Why is that?
Me: Seeking respect just isn't for me anymore. I will accept respect whenever it comes to me naturally.
Me: I shouldn't have to prove myself to anyone to gain respect. Proving myself is a form of persuasion.
Me: Natural respect is genuine respect. Genuine respect will last longer than respect where I forced a person to see a certain side of me that demanded it.
Me: I will only ever act as myself. If that genuine side of me gains respect, then it was meant to be.

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